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    I wanted you guys to see this I know it has nothing to do with my blog but you guys might see it as worth watching

    Everyone please watch this omg

    This made me cry please watch this omg

    So many parallels to today’s youth. This needs to be shown everywhere, I can’t stress it enough.

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    For how long was I gone from the world.. 

    lawd jesus

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  4. "I can take care of myself"

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    Men’s Rights Activists.


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    disney channel used to have the best shows

    LIFE WITH DEREK!! Fun fact: they canceled that show because the girl who played Casey was dating the dude who played Derek and the sexual tension was too much.

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    Kameron Slade, a fifth-grader from Queens, NY, was scheduled to deliver a speech as part of a school-wide competition at PS 195. But when the principal learned Kameron’s speech was about same-sex marriage, he was ordered to choose a new topic or lose the opportunity to speak. (via)

    ETA - Update: Kameron will now be giving his speech to the whole school at a special assembly on Monday.

    My heart

    My kid will be this cool

    I don’t think you understand how fucking amazing this kid is, in the first gif he immediately shows himself to be more understanding of these issues and of the actual terminology of the debate by saying “same gender marriage” instead of “same sex marriage” therefore including an entire wave of activism in the form of pushing through the thought that it should be gender and not sex, allowing gay trans people to also get married and be recognized and to deconstuct the idea of sex=gender. I love this kid. I love this kid so very much. 

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    You just gotta take life one step at a time. [x]

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    This plate is the only thing which is allowed to tell me how to live my life..

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